Byond the Handicap - Adapted Sports in India
  • Terre des Hommes in The Hague
  • Project title: 'Beyond the Handicap - Adapted Sports in India'
  • Local partner: Terre des Hommes India and Indian National Paralympic Committee
  • Period: September 2003 up until May 2005

The project

Terre des Hommes has organised several competitions for athletes with a disability in India, among which the selection competitions for the Paralympics in Athens. Terre des Hommes has, together with other organisations (governments, NGO's, educational institutions), studied possibilities and organised activities to further stimulate the adapted sports in India. Moreover, children with a disability from Terre des Hommes projects were involved in the sports activities and stimulated to participate in sports. The expertise with regard to the adapted sports of actors in the field of care and education and of actors in the field of sports has been further improved by this project.

The result

The expertise on and support for adapted sports has grown on various levels of those involved. Sports activities and facilities for children with a disability have been improved. A number of competitions have been organised in India. India has participated in the Paralympic Games with a large and well trained team. Twelve of the athletes of this team profited directly from the facilities made available by Terre des Hommes. One of these twelve athletes, the javelin thrower Devendra, gave an exceptional and a historical performance by becoming the first Indian in history to win a gold medal at an Olympic or a Paralympic game. He did so by setting a world record. Terre des Hommes wishes to continue to devote attention to the adapted sports in its projects and is considering projects in this field in Tanzania and Bolivia.

About Tere des Hommes

Terre des Hommes Nederland is a development organisation that dedicates itself to the position of children in developing countries, by way of for example governmental funding. To this end, Terre des Hommes initiates and supports projects in a number of countries.



The top athletes appeared to be a real role model for children with a disability. The increased the confidence of the children. During the sports day, the children participated in a workshop of a Dutch top athlete with a disability, Annet Roozen. The children were very enthusiastic. At the end of the day, a child told the Terre des Hommes coordinator: 'I may have a disability but I do not feel disabled.