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What is the CGC Partnership Filter and Application Tool?

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The Partnership Filter and Application Tool were developed by Commonwealth Games Canada to provide a guideline for organizations to evaluate the potential for partnership as well as raise issues for consideration when engaging in discussion with partners:

  • The Partnership Filter is a visual illustration, providing an overview of your organization with the key criteria to evaluate the potential partnership.
  • The Application Tool provides a template to use while evaluating the partnership and to score the partnership according to the criteria outlined by the filter.

Why evaluate partnerships? - Rationale

Organizations that succeed in creating effective, sustainable development through sport programs, understand the necessity of strategic, synergistic partnerships and alliances. Partnerships are often entered into without properly evaluating and understanding key issues for the alliance, such as the principles and practices of potential partners, their readiness, and commitment to sustainability. This tool aims to provide organizations with clear, concise rationale in leveraging their development though sport objectives by entering into strategic partnerships.

What can you do with it? - Applications

The Partnership Filter provides a set of criteria through which to screen potential partners and evaluate the effectiveness of entering into a partnership. It can be used to help evaluate a partnership opportunity that relates to development through sport programming. The filter allows you to evaluate the potential partnership and give concrete evidence and documentation as to why the partnership is a good or poor fit. By critically examining the rationale behind a partnership, your organization can ensure that shared values and vision underpin future activities. The Partnership Filter is a tool that can be used to assess program partnerships, as well as national, regional and global strategies in using sport as a development tool. Commonwealth Games Canada is an organization that works with in-country partners to develop locally relevant programs and places volunteers in the field to support community based initiatives. This filter is also used to assess the readiness of organizations who wish to host a Canadian volunteer.

We would like to thank Kathy Hare from Commonwealth Games Canada for providing the valuable tools in this section.


Commonwealth Games Canada strengthens sport within Canada and throughout the Commonwealth by participation in the Commonwealth Games and by using Sport as a development tool. To achieve its mission, vision and commitments Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) consitently strives to put into action what it values. The values of CGC - Caring, Justice and Development - are based upon its history and what motivates its future.

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