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Wake up!

The booklet 'Wake up' (pdf) highlights opportunities for partnerships between corporations and NGOs in the field of sport and development. The booklet provides tips and lessons learned from twenty renowned experts & practitioners.

CGC Partnership Filter

We would like to thank Kathy Hare from Commonwealth Games Canada for providing the tool 'Partnership Filter':

  • Document with all info and examples ( pdf)
  • Application tool ( word)
  • Application tool ( pdf)
  • Example ( pdf)

The Partnership Filter and Application Tool were developed by Commonwealth Games Canada to provide a guideline for organizations to evaluate the potential for partnership as well as raise issues for consideration when engaging in discussion with partners. The Partnership Filter is a visual illustration, providing an overview of your organization with the key criteria to evaluate the potential partnership. The Application Tool provides a template to use while evaluating the partnership and to score the partnership according to the criteria outlined by the filter.

Shared goals

The report Shared Goals Through Sport (pdf), published by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) in 2008 "looks at the business motivation behind, and characteristics of, effective private sector engagement in sport for development, which is defined as using sport to empower individuals, alleviate poverty, and create social change. The purpose of the report is to encourage greater private sector engagement in sport for development partnerships." It builds on the findings of the IBLF and UK Sport report 'Shared Goals 2005' (pdf).

Report and presentation recipient-donor partnerships

We express our gratitude to SCORE en Zone VI SADC for providing a report and power point presentation about recipient-donor partnerships based on a workshop about the held in Johannesburg, South Africa:

  • report ( pdf)
  • power point presentation ( ppt)

The Partnering Toolbox

  • The whole toolbox is offered to you ( pdf), tools ( word). The Partnering Toolbox offers a concise, step-by-step overview of the essential elements that make for effective partnering. The toolbook was written by Ros Tennyson and produced by the The Partnering Initiative in co-operation with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

  • Institutionalising Partnerships: Lessons from the front line ( pdf) Published: 2003 (DfID-funded Resource Centre for the Social Dimensions of Business Practice). Author: Ros Tennyson, Co-Director of the Partnering Initiative. Institutionalising Partnerships reviews three different partnerships and uses the findings to explore what happens beyond the early negotiation and building phases of a partnership. Specifically, it addresses the need to move beyond partnerships that are based on individual 'personalities' to different forms of 'institutionalisation'. In separate sections the author covers: Institutional 'engagement', new institution-'building' and institutional 'reform'. One of the partnerships profiled is the initial collaboration between Cambridge Programme for Industry, The Copenhagen Centre and the International Business Leaders Forum; the fore-runner to the Partnering Initiative itself.

Partnership Matters (annual journal)

Partnership Matters examines current thinking and practice in cross-sector partnering, drawing on the work of those involved in the Post-graduate It profiles new ideas and innovative practice from the perspective of those involved at the cutting edge of the partnership paradigm -- in different parts of the world and from different cultural and sectoral backgrounds. This annual "thought leadership" publication on cross-sector partnership by the University of Cambridge and co-produced with IBLF, is designed to:

  • Exemplify cutting edge partnership thinking and practice
  • Provide thought leadership for the partnership movement
  • Consolidate the learning for past and future PCCP participants


  • Partnership Matters Volume 4 (July 2006) (pdf)
  • Partnership Matters Volume 3 (July 2005) (pdf)
  • Partnership Matters Volume 2 (July 2004) (pdf)
  • Partnership Matters Volume 1 (May 2003) (pdf)