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Our mission is to support the field of sport for development by offering valuable information, tools and best practices. Dissemination of knowledge and experience helps to make a leap and prevents the reinvention of the wheel. In 2006 an inventory was conducted among the members of the Dutch Platform for Sport and Development Cooperation and nine organisations gave insight in their experiences. NCDO launched this inventory because it attaches great value to collecting and exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of sport and development cooperation.

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Pieter van der Houwen


  • Lessons Learned, NCDO (pdf).

This publication is intended to help promote expertise on the part of sport and development organisations by providing wider access to knowledge and experience gained on four topics: Capacity building, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Monitoring and evaluation.

A word of thanks

We would like to thank the organisations that shared their lessons learned. By allowing other organisations a glimpse behind the scenes, they have shown courage as well as self-confidence. It means giving others an opportunity to learn from your successes as well as from your 'mistakes'. Lastly, we also wish to thank the experts who freely gave their knowledge and critically reviewed our conclusions and recommendations.

Pieter van der Houwen