Have you...???

  • contacted relevant organisations, institutions, schools and rehabilitation centres?

  1. asked them about their expectations and desires?
  2. discussed the typology of their disability?
  3. and invited them to the camp / event / weekly training?

  1. about the disability and the needs of their child?
  2. about the advantages of participating in the sports activities?
  3. and invited them to the camp / event / weekly training?

Remember to talk to the parents again after the games, telling them about their child’s achievements and in what respect s/he benefited on a physiological, psychological and social level.

  1. the disabilities of each child participating?
  2. recommended activities for the different disabilities?
  3. the potential risks?

  • organised the practical issues (see also chapter 3.1 and 3.2):
  1. identified and discussed the distribution of roles and responsibilities with allactors concerned?
  2. agreed on mechanisms of communication and decision making before and during
  3. the event?
  4. planned the evaluation and documentation of the sports activities undertaken,
  5. partners involved, comments, problems, tips etc.?