Manual how to start a sport club

Resources Manual Let's start our own sports club

By Arnfinn Solli

Livingstone City Council, Draft 2507 2003

Delivered by NIF.

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If you experience other opportunities that are not mentioned in this pamphlet, or that I have given you wrong advice, please send me corrections so that the next edition can be better than the first one.

Arnfinn Solli

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How to use this manual

The manual is intended to serve as a tool for community leaders that intends to improve sports in the community.

You do not need to have education or money to make the first steps.

A heart for the right to play and enjoy sport for the children and youth will be enough qualification.

Use your feet and go around to offices that might assist you.

The manual will guide you about what office to go to and what service you can ask for at that particular office. If they for various reasons can not give you the service you came for, ask them to advice you on alternatives or other places you can go and get that support.

Forge partnership with other people in the community who know more than you and can fill in where you come short. For instance, when you need to make contacts to organise support to the club, ask the families in your community for small donations to pay for stamps or important phone calls or send an e-mail. When you need to write an application for funds, ask the local school teacher or a retired civil servant to write the letter for you.

When you need to start sport on the local school sports field, ask the headmaster and talk to the Parent teacher association (PTA) chairperson for permission. Make your point by reminding them that the young benefiting from the club activities are the pupils from the school. Your club is enhancing the school's physical education efforts.

Basically, this manual will enlighten you about some of the opportunities that exist in Zambia. The focus is on Government, District Councils and charitable voluntary organisations that have as its objective to deliver various services to sports efforts in the community.

Those many offices, institutions and organisations that has among its objectives an obligation to provide services to sport and community activities might at times not be effective due to insufficient funding and staff training.

Despite their shortcomings, you, as a concerned community member will be valuable to these organisations by asking for their assistance so they can improve through learning about the need for Sports development in the Community.

Pieter van der Houwen

Pieter van der Houwen