Introduction capacity building

Route for capacity building

Sport as an instrument to develop and strengthen a society is a relatively young field and it is thriving. This is not so surprising, because sport is popular and provides quick and ready access to the local population both in terms of publicity and in an organisational sense. Sport as a development instrument becomes even more interesting if it is durably embedded in the local society.

So sport is interesting, but will it stay that way? Popular sport events will always be attractive, but the expertise and skills of the local partner organisation are needed to keep the sports structure alive, to allow it to expand and to put it to optimal use for development purposes. In this section we analyse the route by which capacity building can be developed. This analysis incorporates recent experiences and insights.

Documents and links

  • PSO aims to contribute to the structural alleviation of poverty throughout the world by strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations in developing countries (link).
  •, is a portal intended for practitioners and policy makers who work on capacity development in international cooperation in the South (link).
  • Beyond the score board: youth employment opportunities and skills development in the sports sector, edited by Giovanni di Cola, summary (pdf)
  • Practical toolbox Participatory Capacity Building for internal or external facilitators of capacity building of NGOs. Complete Toolbox English (pdf) In French (pdf).
  • African Organisational Assesment Tool (link)
  • Report on a PSO workshop on self assessment with two cases (pdf)