Based on interviews and input from Leonie Hallers and Inger Quanje, NKS

The NKS and community development in Suriname

The NKS (Nederlandse Katholieke Sportfederatie [Dutch Catholic Sports Federation]) is a national sports federation with an extended track record of supporting associations. It applies tried and tested methods for supporting associations toward improving local, regional and national Dutch sports infrastructure. In the view of the NKS, a good sports infrastructure is conducive toward a respectful, healthy society, where everyone will enjoy participating.

How does the NKS operate in developing countries?

The NKS has been active in developing countries as well for several years now and uses its expertise to improve local sports infrastructure in an effort to promote community development and further social causes, such as peace, healthcare, gender and young people. The NKS has carried out development projects in Burkina Faso, Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Suriname. These projects have been important learning experiences. Dutch methods have been adapted to local contexts and can now be applied effectively in developing countries to improve local sports infrastructures. This method is illustrated in the account of 'Suriname Sport!', one of the NKS projects.