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Coping with disasters

A guidebook to psychosocial intervention, John H. Ehrenreich, Ph.D. ( pdf)

This manual outlines a variety of psychosocial interventions aimed at helping people cope with the emotional effects of disasters. It is intended for use by mental health workers (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other counselors), by primary medical care workers (doctors, nurses, and other community health providers), by disaster relief workers, by teachers, religious leaders, and community leaders, and by governmental and organizational officials concerned with responses to disasters. It is intended as a field guide or as the basis for brief or extended training programs in how to respond to the psychosocial effects of disasters. Ehrenreich also developed the Relief Worker burnout Questionnaire.

This Questionnaire is intended to help detect burn out among relief workers. Link for more information, questionnaire (word).


  • AVSI Handbook for teachers ( pdf)

Many NGOs work for children and communities in war situations. In recent years growing attention has been paid to answering not only basic needs -shelter, food, water, medical care- but also to increasing the mental and psychological health of the child. The assumption is that the trauma children experience in such situations can significantly affect their psychological and physical growth.

  • AVSI Training Manual ( pdf)

This Training Manual for Teachers is written to accompany the Handbook for Teachers. The goal of the teacher training is not to train ?special teachers? but rather to enhance the effectiveness of those identified by the school, by showing a different perspective or approach to what they are already doing in order to benefit the children. The material in the Handbook is a summary of the teacher training provided as part of the Kitgum District PSSP in Uganda. This Manual offers direction and information for facilitators who want to work with teachers using the material in the Handbook.


The International Organisation for Migration has given permission to offer you the following valuable Notebooks:

  • Psychosocial and trauma response in war-torn societies, the case of Kosovo ( pdf)

  • Archives of memory, supporting traumatised communities through narration and remembrance ( pdf)

  • Psychosocial and trauma response in war-torn societies, supporting traumatized communities through theatre and the arts ( pdf)

  • Psychosocial support to groups of victims of human trafficking in transit situations ( pdf)


We are thankful for the permission of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to grand permission to offer you the following documents containing expertise and best practices:

  • Psychological support - Best practices. To aid programme analysis and future programme development, the Federation has issued a publication entitled Best Practices, which brings together case studies from Red Cross and Red Crescent programmes dealing with different aspects of psychological support in various parts of the world. The Best Practices publication is offered by the IFRC in seperate pdf files in the section Community based psychological support.

  • Community based psychological support, a training manual. This publication builds on the experience of psychological support gathered in many different critical events over the last decade by National Societies, and covers more recently developed technical areas as well as recommended methodologies. The Best Practices publication is offered by the IFRC in seperate pdf files in the section Community based psychological support.

  • Stress in the field ( pdf)

This leaflet is designed as a practical tool for delegates before, during and after their mission. Its aim is to help them to recognize, prevent and reduce stress in the field. We hope that it will encourage delegates to take care of themselves and each other and to make full use of their resources. Enjoy your mission!