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As sport is becoming increasingly recognized as a powerful tool for development, more resources must be allocated with the purpose of securing the quality of sport structures. To use sport effective tool for development, the development of strong and sustainable core sport is a precondition.

Request for input

We want to provide advice and examples that might be helpful for the development of new- and capacity building of existing- sport delivery structures and organizations. This includes ideas and views on the concept of grassroots sport, as well as tools on increased local competence and infrastructure, e.g. club development, fundraising, sports administration and management.

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Current resources available

  • Manual 'Let's start our own sportsclub'. The manual is intended to serve as a tool for community leaders that intends to improve sports in the community. More information (link). Manual (pdf)
  • Ownership and sustainability are two words that goes hand in hand. The CCPA's - Open Fun Football Schools, a NGO focusing in peace building and conflict transformation in the Balkans, Caucasus and Levant (Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) has made a sustainability report and a model for their civil society approach which is available on their website (link).
  • Handbook Fun Inclusive: This handbook intends to inspire and motivate institutions, organisations, trainers, physio therapists, teachers and especially young people and children to come together and practice sport. The main objective is to provide some general and very basic guidelines for the implementation of sports and games as means of rehabilitation and integration for children and young people with disabilities. It builds on the experiences from the workshops in Angola and Cambodia, which tested twelve selected games and activities within the project described above. This manual should be shared with anyone interested in organising sports activities for children and young people with and without disabilities. Link for more information. Total handbook (pdf)
  • Sport England is an organisation committed to creating opportunities for people to start in sport, stay in sport and succeed in sport. The organisation has several documents about the value of sport for policy makers. Link for more information.
  • Toolkit with clear explanation of the value of sport and best practices, produced by UK Sport in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Sporting Toolkit is a handy information resource on sport in the UK. It aims to promote the resources available in Britain: An understanding of the role of sport and its contribution to wider development, Information on education and training services in sport, Advice on commercial contact and Advice on strategic planning and funding. UK Sport offers you the toolkit: part one (pdf), part two (pdf)
  • Pacific Sporting Needs Assessment, comprehensive assessment of sport development in the South Pacific region, Australian Sports Commission (pdf).
  • Manual Sport in Action: Traditional Games, children and development manual. Realizing the high influencing capacity that play and sport has in developing and promoting behavioral formation and change, Sport In Action (SIA) has designed this resource document for persons working with children in schools and communities. The document presents ways and means of planning and conducting play and Sport for Children activities and selected Zambian traditional games integrated with HIV/AIDS and Child Rights education. Link for more information. Complete manual (pdf).