More info on the field

Lessons Learned

  • Lessons Learned, NCDO (pdf). NCDO attaches great value to collecting and exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of sport and development cooperation. This publication is intended to help promote expertise on the part of sport and development organisations by providing wider access to knowledge and experience gained on four topics: Capacity building, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Monitoring and evaluation.
  • In the chapter Gender Equity (pdf) you can read about challenges and tools for gender equity in sport.
  • Read more on Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change.

Background info Sport and development

  • Unicef brochure Sport recreation and play (pdf)
  • Report on the International Year of Sport and Physical Education (pdf)
  • Final Report of the International Year of Sport and Physical Education (pdf)
  • Sport for Development and Peace: From Practice to Policy, Preliminary Report oft the Sport for Development and Peace International Working Group (pdf)
  • Magglingen Call to Action 2005 (pdf)
  • Magglingen Declaration 2003 (pdf)
  • Strategy for Norway's culture and sports co-operation with countries in the south, 2005 (pdf)
  • Report for Sports Ministers meeting from Common Wealth Advisory Body on Sport. Contains many case studies illustrating the value of sport around the Globe (pdf)
  • Memorandum on Sport for Development, Dutch Goverment 1998 (word)
  • International Charter of Physical Education and Sport, 1978 (pdf)
  • Sport and development: challenges in a New Arena, Frank van Eekeren, 2006. In: Y. vanden Auweele, C. Malcolm & B. Mulders (eds). Sport and development. (word)
  • Links on Sport and development and the Millennium goals
  • See also the section Intro to the field

Capacity building

  • PSO aims to contribute to the structural alleviation of poverty throughout the world by strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations in developing countries (link).
  •, is a portal intended for practitioners and policy makers who work on capacity development in international cooperation in the South (link).
  • Practical toolbox Participatory Capacity Building for internal or external facilitators of capacity building of NGOs. Complete Toolbox English (pdf) In French (pdf).
  • Beyond the score board: youth employment opportunities and skills development in the sports sector, edited by Giovanni di Cola, summary (pdf)
  • African Organisational Assesment Tool (link)
  • Report on a PSO workshop on self assessment with two cases (pdf)
  • Sport England and the value of sport (link)
  • See also the section Capacity building.

Sport Development

  • Manual 'Let's start our own sportsclub'. The manual is intended to serve as a tool for community leaders that intends to improve sports in the community. More information (link). Manual (pdf)
  • Ownership and sustainability are two words that goes hand in hand. The CCPA's - Open Fun Football Schools, a NGO focusing in peace building and conflict transformation in the Balkans, Caucasus and Levant (Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) has made a sustainability report and a model for their civil society approach which is available on their website (link).
  • Handbook Fun Inclusive: This handbook intends to inspire and motivate institutions, organisations, trainers, physio therapists, teachers and especially young people and children to come together and practice sport. The main objective is to provide some general and very basic guidelines for the implementation of sports and games as means of rehabilitation and integration for children and young people with disabilities. It builds on the experiences from the workshops in Angola and Cambodia, which tested twelve selected games and activities within the project described above. This manual should be shared with anyone interested in organising sports activities for children and young people with and without disabilities. Link for more information. Total handbook (pdf)
  • Sport England is an organisation committed to creating opportunities for people to start in sport, stay in sport and succeed in sport. The organisation has several documents about the value of sport for policy makers. Link for more information.
  • Toolkit with clear explanation of the value of sport and best practices, produced by UK Sport in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Sporting Toolkit is a handy information resource on sport in the UK. It aims to promote the resources available in Britain: An understanding of the role of sport and its contribution to wider development, Information on education and training services in sport, Advice on commercial contact and Advice on strategic planning and funding. UK Sport offers you the toolkit: part one (pdf), part two (pdf)
  • Pacific Sporting Needs Assessment, comprehensive assessment of sport development in the South Pacific region, Australian Sports Commission (pdf).
  • Manual Sport in Action: Traditional Games, children and development manual. Realizing the high influencing capacity that play and sport has in developing and promoting behavioral formation and change, Sport In Action (SIA) has designed this resource document for persons working with children in schools and communities. The document presents ways and means of planning and conducting play and Sport for Children activities and selected Zambian traditional games integrated with HIV/AIDS and Child Rights education. Link for more information. Complete manual (pdf).
  • See also the section Sport development.

Project management

  • The tools in this section have been developed by MDF Training and Consultancy. They are taken from the Tango Toolkit, 40 tools for Institutional Strengthening and Organisational Development. The compleet Tango Toolkit is als included (398 pages, pdf)
  • See also the section Project management


Monitoring and evaluation

  • A manual has been published by UK Sport specifically for the monitoring and evaluation of projects in the field of sport and development cooperation (F. Coalter, 2006, A Monitoring and Evaluation Manual, Sterling University and UK Sport). The manual, based in part on experiences in four case studies in Africa and India, was written in collaboration with Unicef and Magic Bus. It offers a framework for the design of effective projects in the field of sport and development cooperation and for the monitoring and evaluation of the results (pdf).
  • F. Coalter, (2006) Sport in development: process evaluation and organisational development. In: Y. vanden Auweele, C. Malcolm & B. Mulders (eds). Sport and development. (word)
  • See also: More info monitoring and evaluation
  • And the section M&E


  • Together for HIV and AIDS prevention, a toolkit for the sports community, IOC and UN AIDS, 2005 (pdf)
  • IOC policy on HIV/AIDS (pdf)
  • Determinants of the effectiveness of HIV prevention through sport, M. Temmerman, W. Delva. In: Y. vanden Auweele, C. Malcolm & B. Mulders (eds). Sport and development. (word)
  • The potentials of sport as a tool for a rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS, 2006, M. Bosmans, Ghent University. In: Y. vanden Auweele, C. Malcolm & B. Mulders (eds). Sport and development. (word)
  • Using sport to tackle AIDS, discussion paper UK Government (word)
  • Kicking AIDS out through movement games and sport activities, Resource book, Oscar Sichikolo Mwaanga, KICKING AIDS OUT Network (pdf)
  • Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in practice, A toolkit with a collection of resources, checklists and examples, SDC (pdf)
  • Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Development and Humanitarian Programmes, ActionAid, Oxfam GB and Save the Children UK (pdf)
  • HIV/AIDS mainstreaming guide for VSO offices, VSO (pdf)
  • NGO Capacity analysis, a toolkit for assessing and building capacities for high quality responses to HIV/AIDS, Frontiers Prevention Project and International HIV/AIDS alliance (pdf)
  • Active HIV Awareness, a study into the meanings of sports as a medium of HIV awareness in a South African township, M. Waardenburg (word)
  • An ILO code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work (pdf)
  • AIDS epidemic update, UN AIDS and WHO, 2006 (pdf)
  • See also links on HIV/AIDS.

Sport and peace building

  • Paper on Sport and peace building by Pelle Kvalsund (pdf)
  • Sport as opportunity for community development and peace building in South Africa, 2006, M. Keim, University of the Western Cape South Africa, In: Y. vanden Auweele, C. Malcolm & B. Mulders (eds). Sport and development. (word
  • From Practice to Policy: Preliminary Report of the Sport for Development and Peace, International Working Group (pdf)


  • Sport in the UN Convention on Persons with a disability, a publication of the international disability in Sport working group in partnership with the United nations office of the Special advisor to the Secretary-general on Sport for development and peace, 2007 (pdf)
  • Handbook Fun Inclusive, Sports and games as means of rehabilitation, interaction and integration for children and young people with disabilities (pdf), summary of content (link)
  • See also more info disability

Millennium Development Goals