African organisational assesment tool

From PSO newsletter

Learning Process on Organisational Assessment of the Knowledge Centre on Capacity Building

A remark often heard during the PSO training on Organisational Assessment was on the perceived Western bias of many OA-tools. Recently, we came across an interesting tool developed by an Malawian organisation, CADECO. When CADECO was beginning its OD practice they experimented with a number of assessment tools. Some challenges were met. Most of them resulted from the fact that they were mainly borrowed either from the private sector sector or the North. CADECO therefore embarked on formulating its own tool which would take care of these problems. CADECO came up with a Proverbs based tool that would enhance the communication of the organisational issues in a language people would easily understand. The tool is offered to you ( word).

UNICEF/Bhutan 960333F-credit Franck Charton