Conference report

Creating support for change

Make the case - communicate the message - attract funders & partners - build the relationship

Results of the Conference 'Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change'

18th- 20th May 2008, Casablanca, Morocco

Main objective of the conference was to make the movement Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change stronger by providing a learning platform and an opportunity for networking & new partnerships.

Sport has the potential to change women's lives. It is a strong instrument for social inclusion. However, many stakeholders and target groups still need to be convinced of the value of sport for the empowerment of women. During last year's conference, participants expressed the need for techniques to make the case and show stakeholders and donors the positive impact of using sport as a tool for empowerment in their projects. Another common problem is lack of sustainable funding. The 2008 conference therefore focused on strategies to empower women, techniques for effective communication and elements of a strong fundraising strategy. The conference aimed to:

  • Explore the differences between the strategies 'Gender mainstreaming' and 'Gender specific'; helping participants to define the most suitable strategy for empowering women in their respective context.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate about the impact of programs and activities.
  • Discuss strategies for fundraising and steps to develop a strong fundraising program.
  • Train techniques for effective communication.

In the report 'Creating support for change' (pdf) a summary of the results of the conference 'Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change' is presented.

The organizers wish all participants success in the year to come; applying lessons learned; stimulated by new inspiration; nurturing new contacts and networks.